Neuroscience gives us insights into how music creates an alternate temporal universe.
The term ‘losing yourself’ receives a clear neuronal correlate.
Our ability to encode and decode sequential information, to integrate and segregate simultaneous signals, is fundamental to human survival.
It allows us to find our place and navigate in our physical world.

WATT fm radio take-over:
Every 2nd Saturday of the month @ Backstage Radio 107.4 from 22:00-01:00

This is how it started

WATT is a concept created in 2019 as a platform for artists exposing their experimental sounds, music, drones and / or noises generated by various kinds of machines. There were also early plans for a possible event but than there was Covid and all went silent.
Now we are really thankfull WATT found a second life on FM waves and worldwide on the internet. Every show will be uploaded afterwards on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

Live sessions – Guest artists (2019-2020)